Welcome to BITOFCODE!

photo taken by Artem Sapegin in Berlin, Germany


Hi, my name is Luís Ferreira and welcome to my blog! I’m a 16 years-old portuguese programmer who works on computer science and information of technology. I have been programming for more than 5 years for the open source initiative to expand my knowledge and give free and open software to the whole OSI community.

Why did you create this blog?

I created this blog mainly to share my programming knowledge and also some tips and tricks that you should know to improve your skills in the IoT.

What will this blog have?

This blog will have a lot of information about computer science and information of technology such as:

  • Programming Tutorials (learn a programming language);
  • Code tips & tricks (some software suggestions or even methods to make coding task more easy);
  • Code excerpts and algorithms (some interesting code parts or logical algorithms);
  • Technology related news.


I hope that readers will create interesting and good quality projects with my tips. See you in the next post!